Thursday, 26 June 2008


I am unable to fully rest.
Given that I didn't have the permit from my girlfriend to go bouldering, because I have to help her with her exam, I decided to do a brief testing session avoiding the painful positions.
After the usual warm up I did some easy pull ups on the bigger holds, and I felt really really good because the holds felt dry and grippy. I did:
- one arm max deadhangs on 1,5 cm edge x 10, long rests (no stopwatch);
- mini circuits of 20" deadhang on slopers, max deadhang on good slopey edges, 10" deadhang then 10" 90° lockoffs on 1 cm edge x 4, long rests (pumpy);
- abs crunch 50 x 4, 30" rests;
- flat suspensions 30" x 6, 30" rests.
I'm very happy about how I felt, and mostly because I set my PB on 1,5 cm edge: 12 seconds.
Ice and massage now.


Unknown said...

what is a flat suspension?

lore said...

i don't know how to call them, sorry. you lie on the ground and lift both your legs and chest a little bit, then you stay like that to keep body tension, balancing on your ass.
like front levers, but on the ground. i do sets of 30 seconds.