Friday, 20 June 2008


Take a man who's not sure about himself, who's trying to find a way in his life that corresponds in some way to what he loves but also to what he has studied for his whole life.
Take this man and tell him lies. Watch him believe them.
Make him work and work and just work, with the promise of much more work coming. Put him under pressure, tell him he's not doing enough, not fast enough.
Now look how long does this man take before he starts to bend, and to set his life according to your plans. Watch him measure every minute in his day. Watch him rush to the supermarket to gulp a sandwich, and then rush back to work asking himself why the hell he is rushing. He is rushing back to work nonetheless. He doesn't know why, but he does it. Because he's bent.
Repeat for a few more days, and now watch him calculate that if he showers and shaves before going to bed at night, he will save 10 minutes in the morning. Watch him be proud of this idea.
Take some more days. Be patient, and take even a few more.
Now watch this man as he starts to hate whoever, whatever steps into his way, making him lose time. Even five minutes are a treasure now. Watch him get back home and hate his girlfriend because dinner is not ready, because they will eat late, and because it will steal time to his sleep. Watch him become more and more a false human, an envelope of a human, with nothing inside.
Watch this man carefully:
are you happy?

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pascal said...

It seems to me that this blog is becoming the, so far, unpublished prelude to Fight Club by Palanhniuk. Are you a ghost writer, or is some heavy shit about to unfurl across Italy? ;)