Thursday, 19 June 2008


I just don't want to let go this moment of renewed will to train, especially given that after all I'm not training that much compared to past standards, just quick sessions at the board, but I think it's good to let the wrist heal under pressure. I read an interesting article somewhere about active recovery of injuries, saying that after the initial high inflammatory phase, during which you have to rest, you should go back to doing something, even specific, because while put under some kind of gentle and progressive effort tissues heal faster and better. Must search again. Opinions?
The session went better than last one. Still not feeling powerful though.
- assisted one armers on 1,5 cm, x3 each arm, 4 sets, 4' rests;
- ATP on 1 cm, 20" deadhangs x10, 20" rests between;
- max 90° lockoffs on 1,5 cm, x2 each arm, 4' rests;
- abs: liying on the ground, 30" with feet and shoulders lifted, straight legs, x 7, 30" rests between.

Would like to do something more tonight, then two days off, hope to climb on sunday.

Another job interview on saturday.

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