Sunday, 28 February 2010

Friday, 12 February 2010


Last session today. Now there's only Font.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


"War is the mother of all things, of all the queen", in the words of Heraclitus. My life is a perennial war, it seems, made of many fights.
A fight to pay the bills, a fight to find me time to climb, a fight to keep working at my best, a fight not to believe my parents when they tell me how much I disappoint them.
But my life is also a victory. A victory every time I pay the rent and I find out I still have some Euros left on my account, enough for a coffe. A victory every time I hear my girlfriend laughing. A victory every time a student understands something new. A victory every time I improve my climbing of that small, almost unnoticeable bit.
I am here on my rest week, a week of just two brief, super hard sessions: one yesterday and one friday, then it will be Font. In my daily fight, yesterday I had my moment of glory, campusing 158 with British spacings. Having to train only twice, when all my body and mind are screaming to climb, is another fight of a bigger war. I hope this war will be won, but now, and every moment I can pause and reflect, my thoughts go to Font. I think how small could those edges be, how bad those slopers, how far away that final jug.
I will soon find out. In the meanwile, all I can do is follow the ancient words of the Romans: "SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM".