Monday, 25 June 2012


Here is something I wrote to a friend of mine a few days ago. It's neither fun nor educated; it's very biased, it's quite violent and could sound offensive to many. I want to post it here because I believe in what I wrote, and because it's part of what I am.

I hate all the climbing that takes place outside of myself. I don't hate the people, I hate the scene (and a few people); I hate listening to the idiotic climbing lingo of the "I downgrade this route", "climbing is freedom", "this route is a gift from God" and the likes. I hate those who smoke joints and then complain they can't pull hard; I hate those who complain about being weak but don't want to train. I hate those who see a strong climber and marvel, saying "oh I wonder why he's so good?"; guess what? He fucking works hard! I hate the slash grades, I hate, the scandals, the gossip, the "morpho", the "nobody saw him"; I hate those who always talk about "the old school" and put themselves into it. I hate fully branded climbers under 8b. I hate those who think it's better to be good on every terrain than excellent on just one (would you choose a decathlon Olympic gold, or a 100 meters sprint one?). I hate all those who give less than 110% and then complain. I hate the hypocrisy of the false modesty "ohh, no, I'm not stronger than you. I am just more experienced!" I'd prefer to hear "ohh, no, don't try to think HOW stronger than you I am, because you just can't imagine it!" I hate undisciplined dogs let loose at the rocks, and I hate ultra-light quickdraws, and those who think they can make them jump from 7b to 8a.
I hate the "I can get you discounts there, tell them you know me". Yes, I'll tell them "I know him, and he's an asshole". Maybe this will get me a discount.
I hate rich, spoiled kids that pretend to be hard core because they sleep in the car before doing some ice climbing.
I hate those who ask for "last generation rubber" for resoles, pretending they can tell the difference: "ohh, the XSGrip is waaaay better than the XGrip, the XS sticks to everything, while the X always slides off".
I hate everything.

I am a monad.