Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Disclaimer: I'm typing this with "The Gladiator" soundtrack blasting from next door, so it may easily be nonsense.
Session # 6 was a horrible one. My stupid, deadly-cheese infested brain told me I was going to blast through the roof, obviously, after three weeks nursing a broken wrist. It didn't happen. I was poor and it only made me think even more that I'm getting fat. I don't think I'm really, but mind plays strange tricks you know. I had poor skin, that mixed with a rainforest climate called for some crimps action instead of slopers pulling. The wrist still isn't 100%, especially on slopey holds where I hurt it, but it's decent on crimps.
- 20" deadhangs on 1 cm edge, x 10 times, 20" rests between;
- 20" 90° lockoffs on 1,5 edge, x 10 times, 20" rests between;
- 20" deadhangs on slopers, x 10 times, 20" rests between;
- abs crunch, 50 x 4, 1' rests between.
Given that still I can't and don't want to pull too hard I thought some ATP work would do fine to get me back on track.

In the last weeks I had gotten very lazy due to my injury, but now I'm happy to be again obsessed by training. It's good to be addicted: this morning I have this pleasant feeling of stiffness in my muscles, forearms a bit worked, and I feel better overall, both in physical and mental terms.

I'm just sad I'm weak, or at least that I was weak yesterday, or at least that I was feeling weak.

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