Monday, 2 June 2008


I finally managed to take Tom and Rich bouldering, vanishing their efforts of a fingerboarding trip. I'm very impresses: they dispatched.
I was feeling good and strong yesterday, and today I was full throttle for Out Of Service sit start. As we walked in, the wet leaves on the ground immediately let me know I had no chance, but the guys were psyched, and again they dispatched.
I was feeling very sad at moments because my right wrist was very painful: some time ago while training one armers on the sloper, I heard a pop. Tonight we had dinner with some friends that are doctors and after a quick - and painful - visit I found out I have micro fractured one bone in my wrist. Fucking excellent, no wonder I couldn't press out on mantles.
Tomorrow it will probably rain, tuesday I will go again to work, facing again something that I hate.
Apart from this, I'm quite happy about my climbing: I was definitely again on my feet, and this made me feel quite powerful.
But now I'm so fucking bored about training: I would like to climb abroad and reap the fruits of seven months of hard work.
And I'm fucking bored of crying and whining on this fucking blog. It's about time to get something done.

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