Tuesday, 10 June 2008


One of the reasons I was relaxed in the last couple of days, was that I had received a phone call on friday morning, about another possible job opportunity exactly where I was living this past winter, enabling me to leave a place where I have too much to work and not enough time to live, and, who knows, maybe applying for just a part time job this time.
Proximity to gyms and boulderers added to my psyche.
Sadly, today at lunch break they called me to tell me they have already employed someone else.
Wow, that's been a hard punch, I can tell you.
My mistake, to get far too excited about this possible change, but it was born under such circumstances that it made me very (too much) confident.
I have to start all over again.
Naturally, as if she was a beast that can smell a trapped victim, just while I was typing this the Vice Boss came up to give me shit, again, about being too slow (I did my job and another person's one this afternoon). I hate her more than anyone else here, because she's just a prisoner trying to rape other prisoners. The way she tries to have always control over every phone call, every document, every fax that arrives here is disgusting. The way she uses possessive adjectives while reffering to the job or even to the office furnitures ("my servers" "my printer") is depressing, exilarating and sad. Mostly sad. I really hate her. I hate her empty life, and I feel bad for her family, if she has one, because I'm sure their life is a hell, and if it's not, I hate them too because they go along well with her.

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Ghostface said...

Lore, the more I hear about your firm the worse it sounds. I know you'll be out of there soon and in something good.

Like you mentioned in an earlier post, I too haven't yet managed to forge an entry about everything as the whole experience was just too overwhelming. The greatest vacation I've ever had in all seriousness. Thankyou again.

Also, my home net connection is still down so I've managed to steal a few moments at the local library to post this.

Think long term right.