Thursday, 19 June 2008


Reverend Doylo has his sunday sermon, I will have my thursday lesson. Today's lesson has been: listen to yourself.
I am at home now, after a two hours long panick attack that destroyed me while at work. I started trembling, my mind in a cloud, and thought I was going to faint or die. I couldn't breathe and I didn't know what to do. Finally I resolved to call my girlfriend, she told me "get the fuck out of there" but I was scared even to stand, let alone going out and driving home. I was absolutely terrified, but finally managed to get downstairs and to go away.
I'll go back to the firm tomorrow or monday to officially resign.
It's been a tough tough lesson to learn.


pascal said...


Richie Crouch said...

Glad to hear you are getting the hell out of there Lore! It will be good for your and Valentina's health and sanity!

Keep building back up to things slowly with the wrist too, there will be plenty of time to crush this summer.

Ben said...

Nib's - think this will certainly make you happier - give yourself some space and time - go surf for a bit to let you wrist heal (remember to wear a wetsuit)

Dr T.