Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I'm dying to go bouldering. I want to go boudering so much.

Still, I'm trying to be patient and let my injury recover. To be honest I am very disappointed, after the climbing at Amiata Top on sunday it's been painful and swollen, a very big drawback. It was feeling good the days before, so I smartly didn't tape it. Good idea man. Anyway I read a few articles on stress fractures, and they state that putting pressure on the bone is not good, it will delay the recovery.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck. I'm pissed.

I want to boulder, I want to train, fuck fuck fuck I can't.

Ok, I'll try to keep my usual and famous calm and take it easy: after all I don't think I'm going to lose all my power in one month, hopefully. I'll try to do some easy climbing on thursday and then will go back to home town for some days of alcohol and fun with friends. Nice girls with short skirts are always a good sight when you're a bit drunk and feel immortal.

On this matter I would like to tell you two crucial episodes of my life. In both occasions I was drunk, I was with friends, there was music, I had been climbing, and while taking a pee in the wood, I thought "I always want to live like this".

This is what I'm longing for. It's so reassuring, it's so beautiful to know it.


Palla Alta said...

I had a friend with a stress fracture in her foot, she didn't know about it for a while so of course she kept up her normal routine. Later when she found out they even put her in a cast. Of course this made her feel more secure so I ended up belaying her, even up boulder problems, at our comp. She did howevere take the time off to let it recover.

In case you're worried about coming back strong, my friend is Beth Rodden. She sent the Optimist soon after recovery and she recently did some route called Meltdown, maybe you've heard of these.

Take care of yourself. You'll have plenty of time to crush!

mi manci

lore said...

i miss you too my friend.
i know i have to take it easy, i'm just sad because every day off is a missed opportunity to get better, to send some problem, or to train to get stronger.
it's just this.
i wish you could see the holds in the roof under "too cool"... if that's too cool, the roof is "too fucking amazing to be fucking true"!!!

Fiend said...

Ok, I'll try to keep my usual and famous calm and take it easy

ROFL Nibble ;).

Take it real steady with the injury....be patient... It might take a long time, you might be off hard climbing for several weeks or a couple of months or whatever, which sucks, but it might have to be like that. Do what you can in the meantime, other stuff, really gentle climbing, whatever, just keep patient, and know that you can come back in the autumn when it's better conditions anyway...