Thursday, 5 June 2008


Boudering is a subtle, complex discipline. Discipline, not sport. Please.
It involves such different things that it resembles, in my depressed brain, to life. In bouldering you always have multiple options to solve one problem and find yourself on top, just as in life. But in bouldering there's only one pure line to the top, one easiest line and just that one: chosing a different path is ok, but we will spoil our energies to achieve something that would have required less from us. That excess spent is lost.
Life always puts us in front of choices: we have to find the perfect line in life, that one line that is the purest, hardest and easiest at the same time. The line in which there's no time for doubt, because all the time is spent in the joyful pursuit of the ascent, of the living itself, that becomes an all encompassing thing, in which we are one single entity that comprehens every aspect of our personality and reality, without separations of any kind, without dicotomies.

We have to balance ourselves between a hard lock off, a gentle smear, a huge dyno or a stylish drop knee, both in bouldering and life. Power, sadly, is not the only option.

So, thinkink about this I realized that I have to understand deeper what I'm into now. Before unleashing the rage, I have to understand if it's the purest and only line of this problem. If it is, I'll crush this problem, if it's not, I have to find another line, maybe a technical one, to jump on top.

Analyze: why do I hate this job now? Because it permeates every minute of my life. I get up at 7 30, which is not terrible, I know, even if I need lots of sleep to fully recover, but then I get back home at 8 pm. Then I train, which leads to 10 pm at least. Then I have to do all the other things that are part of my life. In just a couple of hours before falling asleep.

So, I have no time for improvisation. Every minute is already booked. I'm always feeling tired. This clearly isn't the purest line. Everything revolvs around time: I have not enough time. Finding the purest line, in this problem, is finding time and using it to its best. So I have to understand how and where I can find time.

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