Monday, 16 June 2008


On friday night there was a pizza with the people of the firm, and I decided I would go, because it was very close to my house and because in doing so I can skip all the next dinners without letting them understand that I hate them. I have to be honest and to say that it's been a nice dinner, slightly spoilt by the fact that I found out that two of my colleagues were going to work the next morning at 6 (sic!), and that many are on Xanax pills in order to get some sleep.
Saturday I rested, and rested, and rested, until my girlfriend suggested to go and check the sea. Barrels rolling in, very off shore. I love her. I quickly taped my wrist not to let it bend, and paddled in, getting to the lineup without a single wet hair, so glassy it was. It's not been a very good session, I only had three good waves, but I was very concerned about making my injury worse, so I was never relaxed and trimmed enough to really let it flow. Note to self: next time wear the wetsuit. I got so cold.
Dinner was one of the best ever: despite having to work next morning, best friend Andrea came along driving more than one hour and we chatted about our lives until late. He's having a really hard time with a girl and he's giving me alot of moral support. He's also the one who took me climbing for the very first time more than 15 years ago. Best friend.
Sunday I went to Amiata. Still very cautious about my wrist I managed to climb well. I repeated one hard traverse with very painful holds that I couldn't do the last time, and then, finally found my sequance on "Arrostino's Wall" that Rich sent on his visit here. It's hard, and the moves are very strenuous and very long: I surprised myself by being able to get the razor crimp on every try with the new feet positioning, and next time I'll do it: I could have done it yesterday but still don't want to rush my recovery.
There was some sea getting in from SE this morning, maybe I'll get wet after work today. On a related note, the weather forecast is still terrible: rain again. I hope on these days to be able to climb a couple of hours in sasso after work.
I hope this moment of very good sensations on rock will last. I'm sure it will.

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