Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Time is a strange thing. It's an empty container, and it's made of what we put into it. I have this week off before starting the new job. I thought I was going to be very happy about this, but I'm just nervous. One week off is nice, but I feel this Sword of Damocles upon me, the new job, that hinders me from being relaxed and enjoying these days.
So what I'm trying to do now is preparing my future stay at the sea as best as I can, trying to make me as comfortable as I desire to be, because I know that as soon as I'll start working again, I will be sad and pissed.
Of course the first thing I will need there, is the fingerboard. No, wait, that is the second, the first one being my alarm coffe maker.
Not wanting to dismount my dear one at home, I'm planning how to build a new one that will stay at the sea, so finally I could train there without much hassle. When I'll move again for the winter months, I will take it to the new house and so on.
I will make it self standing, just like the other one because it's simple to do, and very very handy. Then, the holds. I will put at the lowest one wooden rung, 1 cm wide, that I will immediately file down to 0,8 cm so that I will feel weak on that and will go under a massive finger strength cycle. Then, over it, one other rung, 1,5 cm wide, to feel weak also on one armers and add a power cycle. And finally some slopers, to give my shoulders the necessary tension to push my elbows under to be able to hold them. What I'd like to have is also a few jugs or anyway very good holds, one on top of the other, to train for one armed campusing.
As soon as I start working I will for sure try and steal some time from the evenings, skipping lunch breaks and working straight away to go out earlier and try and climb a couple of hours in Sasso after work.
How will it go? No one knows.

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Ghostface said...

One arm campussing. One arm campussing.