Sunday, 25 May 2008


Saturday I finally touched rock after a while. Fueled by a mixture of frustration, anger, desire I again drove two and half hours to go to a newish place, where I've been for the last time many years ago. All this toil just to touch some mossy rock.
To be really honest I didn't really touch that rock, I crushed it to atoms. I ended the day seriously puzzled, about my ability to both climb and read bouldering topos: I literally destroyed one problem that was Fb 7b in the guide. I definitely have to find out. All in all a very good day out, full of caffeine and psyche.
I ended up training today, because on sunday I don't work, I sleep as much as I like and so it's a good day to put the board under pressure.
I had a brief but intense session on simil-bouldering sequences:
- max dead hang on small crimps (5"), max lock off on 1 cm edge, max dead hang on crimps, max lock off on edge, max dead hang on crimps, max number of pull ups on a sub-max hold. 3 sets.
- same sequence on slopers, 3 sets.
I felt good, once chosen the right holds. And that's all.

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