Saturday, 17 May 2008


At the end of May Tom and Rich will land on this ancient nation, to sample our bouldering, food, wine, girls and clubs.
I am psyched full throttle, and I'm hoping to be able to join them for late evening action on work days.
Today when I got here at the sea, I wanted to take a pic and post it to let them get the idea, then I thought I want to see their faces when they get here. It's a beautiful place, I'm quite sure it will be a nice nest for the power monsters to recover.
It will be a hard time for me for sure, I don't think we will go to bed at nine...
Tomorrow the board will be up. I will have a look to the weather, then I'll decide whether to have a fingerboard session or an after work bouldering session on monday, to start my season here. Best solution in my opinion will be to always have a pad and shoes in the car, and then just following the feeling.
My last session at the gym in Florence was a good one despite the hot, humid climate. I probably was climbing with that strange attitude that resembles when you make love with a girl that have to leave very soon: happiness and sadness at once, until a new girl turns out and the sadness disappears.
I found out that I'm really piss weak on pinches. So I will train on pinches.
I don't think there's much to add: bring the brit boys south!!!

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Ghostface said...


You know the bes thing Lore? The girl (Michelle) can speak Italian! Last night was amazing, she's great.

Counting down the days hombre........