Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Two days ago I was about to post a new entry, whose title was going to be "SNAFU". Far from being that, today I can again see the light.
My Elba comeback has been followed by a two day long argument with my girlfriend, during which, at moments, I nearly lost the hope to keep on being happy together. Everything seemed impossible. Two years worth of tension, frustration and anger condensated in two afternoons: that's what you get if you don't speak about your problems immediately, that's what you get if you keep them inside, if you let them grow bigger in you.
Until each one of us didn't step out of his own comfort zone, until we didn't strip the things down to the naked bones of the problems, it seemed impossible to understand.
It's been one of the most difficult periods in our lives, mostly due to external factors that perhaps one day will be revealed to some of you, while waiting to have another go on our project.
Really we put everything on the table without even looking at our cards. What came out is that we had complete trust in our relationship, complete trust that these things were going to be blown away if only we could understand them.
This moment of clarity and love was sealed, also, by ordering two UKB hoodies.

Then, after two weeks I managed to climb again. It's the longest I've been without climbing in years and years. I've had mixed feelings in the gym yesterday: like when you completely lose any parameter and don't know where you are anymore.
I completely skipped my usual power recruitment warmup, so I started climbing while absolutely stiff. I did the problems recently set for a national under 14 bouldering comp (the boys can pull...) and then did something more but always feeling a bit puzzled. My skin started to burn like hell after one hour, so very rapidly it was almost game over, and during the whole session I kept asking myself if I have gained 23 kilos recently or if I just lost feeling and motion on the rock/walls. I can still pull, but really I have to get me some time to understand properly. My left ring finger is still a bit achey, especially with no warmup, but only when seriously crimping. Nothing left after.
Today it's National holiday so everything's closed, it's been raining for four days in a row so everything's wet and tomorrow the girlfriend has her last exam. The last exam.
Last thing, it's just great to be back at the school in Florence.

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