Thursday, 25 June 2009


Yesterday after a long long drive I found myself at the Amiata top. The van full of bits and bobs from the house at the sea, including the Mother of All Fingerboards and my long.
At first I wasn't feeling very sparky, and the humidity didn't help the psyche much, but it was cool, both in terms of the temp and of the climbing. Rapidly we moved to another area 5 mins from the first sector, and there it was much better, with more air circulating and better conditions. At the end of the day I had done a couple of problems at around 7a and four at around 7b, including two new ones.

While at the house at the sea, dismounting the fingerboard, I had the chance to notice, once again, how well designed it was. It's been so helpful for me in those dark months, to try and mantain that 1% of mental sanity that I have.
While I was down there, and training on the board, I had named the hardest holds accordingly to the real problen they reminded me about. Under one of the crimps I had written "The Roof Direct". Before putting the board on the van, yesterday, I grabbed a pen and added "Done".

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