Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Today the girlfriend finished her university exams. A last mark of 30/30 is a well deserved result.
Only the final thesis for her now.
It's the beginning of a new era, for both. I feel so relieved, for her but also directly for myself. We have just embarked onto the path that will lead us to great things. She will become a doctor, I will destroy 8b's.


pascal said...

Congratulations Valentina! Amazing effort studying and dealing with the most psyched man in the world.

Pellet said...

Congrats to your girlfriend and yes, WE will crush 8B's.

lore said...

she does not deal. she affirms.
how's the ankle going?

Pellet said...

Healing is going well, thanks Lore! Now I'm waiting for the RM on tuesday to see how's the ligaments/tendons situation. Fingers crossed!