Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Why, God, why did you make me so bad at climbing and so weak, compared to the efforts I put into it?
Yesterday night I went home absolutely shocked by how easily people seem to hike my problems, and problems that I struggle with.
How this is possible is still a mistery to me, it must be something in mothers' milk I think. Despite being stronger than many on the fingerboard and at campusing (but still, am I really stronger than many, I ask myself...), I seem unable to climb. I really hope this frustration (oh, wait a minute, probably it must be the similarity between my second name and the word "frustration", yes, I'm sure it's that) will lead to a productive period of serious training and total destruction on ze rock.
On a side note, a project of mine at Amiata top, that I spoke to a friend about is now receiving alot of attention from said and other friends with lots of spare time. Sometimes I'd like a little bit more of fair play or simply more spare time. The line is absolutely majeur and it deserves that attention. I really hope to climb it before my friends, that's clear.
Then, I read on Dobbin's blog that Keith is probably driving through Europe right now. Innsbruck is only a few hours of train away from here, so it's really cool to have him closer, and I'm sure I share this thought with his girlfriend.
Finally, one small note about my job. One year ago I was deep buried into the notary firm in Grosseto, Tom and Rich were here and their company was one of the few joys I was having in life. Today, after my grammar and conversation teaching, I spent some half an hour singing for some students while Simone, the School's director, was playing guitar. Then we all went for a tripe sandwich.
'nuff said.
And finally again I would like to remind you all that I climbed an 8a route with just one rest. Just one.
Ciao ciao ciao.

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Richie Crouch said...

Nice post Lore

I am excited to hear about these new problems being discovered around Amiata and only hope the Lord ensures that your jobless friends continue to fail whilst you are hard at work serenading beautiful ladies in your classes! ;)

I hope to see another video of a strong moustachiod olympian hailing from Siena crushing said project into the dirt, wearing a garish orange long sleeve under a Project Zero t-shirt ;)

p.s. I don't know if I could handle another Tripe sandwich ever again... maybe I will go for the Bullito next time!