Thursday, 11 June 2009


I am currently lost. I don't have good sensations neither at training nor at climbing. I know that my last session on rock has been quite good, and I feel that I'm at an average good level at it, but as far as all the other vibes, they are generally bad.
So I put myself at work again, with the usual patience.
I know that I am not unfit or really weak, that's why I say I'm lost. I know that these bad sensations are due to many many factors, the most influential being my injured left ring finger. I can clearly feel how my body refuses to really pull on it, and this plays a big part in training and in climbing. Why everything feels different on rock is still a mistery to me, but it's because of the rocks' magic. It's like getting home late and very tired from a hard day at work, but if you get that magic phone call, you sprint again full of energy towards your love.
And finally a small vid of the man himself, two years ago, establishing "The red fox" 7b+ at Sasso.

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Roberto Bagnoli said...

lo voglio fa' anch'io stoblocco!