Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I am definitely waiting for something, in terms of climbing, and it never happens, beecause it's not meant to. I try to explain.
I started another cycle of training two weeks ago, that will end in two weeks, then I will start doing weights and fingerboarding. These two cycles should deliver me at top form for early autumn, when...
When what?
What I seem not to have understood, is that I have loads of work during the summer, than I can't take more than one day off (a thing that I still haven't done from January) and that opportunities to go out and climb for a longer period, and most of all somewhere else than Amiata or Sasso are very scarce.
So I keep waiting and training, training and waiting, with this feeling that is a mixture of anxiety, disappointment, excitement and depression, but looking forward and keeping my head down working seriously at the same time, both at school and in the gym is the only way I belive I have to follow, now. I hope that it will approach a moment when I will desert the gym to go out and just climb, like many of my friends do. On the matter, big big congrats to my friend Filo, which is currently living the dream and tearing the surrounding crags apart. Effort!!!
Tomorrow, anyway, the school is closed because it's a Florence holiday, so the plan is for a stealth mission at Amiata top. I am eager obviously, but I already know how much it will cost me at the end in terms of fatigue, petrol and time (158 kms to get there). Anyway, I really want to try the project that my friends are trying (it was my project after all), so it would probably be very cool to head there together, also because it's not possible to try it on one's own, due to a bad landing; sharing the drive would also be a bonus. I still have my other project, that I haven't spoken about to anyone this time, and maybe it could go, we will see.
In all this planning (now I know that the word "planification" does not exist in english...), I still have to decide when to go to the sea to take my longboard, to dismount the Mother of All Fingerboards that's still there after last summer when I was working there, and to take it to Siena, then to take my other longboard and to bring the two boards to Florence to a friend's place, where I will keep them during my stay here, to have them handy when I finally will start surfing again (one year off now...).
It's really a pain in the ass having to do these boring things, but, again, I am waiting for everything to fit into place sooner or later.

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