Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Today in Florence the temperature was 43,5°, the same of a good whisky. The air was similar too, so humid that breathing resembled to drinking.
Today, I also had my final teaching exam: two lessons of one hour and half each in two different classes, grammar first in a first level class, then conversation in a second level. I am pleased with how I did, will get my diploma in a few days and have to contact the director of the school tomorrow morning so that she can let me know if and when I can do some work, and therefor earn some cash. I'm torn between the desire of getting some work and money, and the call of the boulders, whether they are in Ticino, Dolomites or Varazze. Anyway, since I've told the director that I want to work as soon as I can, the situation is already out of my control, so I think I'd better relax and enjoy the moment.
On another note, you have surely noticed the new picture that adorns this blog. Well, I asked a friend from UKB to draw something for me, and he's been so gentle to do that cool caricature. While this is largely to please my ego, I take the chance to officially thank Richard, and I suggest you to check his talent on his website in the links section.
And, before you ask, yes, I look like that and I'm proud of it!!!

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