Thursday, 7 August 2008


Recently it's been my girlfriend's birthday. I didn't really know what to buy for her, among the many ideas I had, until last second, when in a moment of clarity I decided to buy "Sex and The City - The essentials collection".
It's a special edition, featuring cut scenes, three different endings, interviews and so on, naturally not speaking about having every episode of the whole series.
She was very pleased and surprised, being a big fan of that (I like it alot also), and was so enthusiastic that she told me: "With these now you can go away climbing and I won't feel lonely". Obviously this sentence doesn't need any comment.
The Pro Tip of today is: buy her something that will please her, but also that will keep her occupied. A jewel will do the first but not the latter, the opera omnia of Marcel Proust will do the latter but not the first, a dildo will do both. But I still recommend DVD's.

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Roberto Bagnoli said...

..vibratori esclusi.. anche questi potrebbero soddisfare il primo e il secondo..