Saturday, 23 August 2008


I went out this morning, to buy some glass cans where my girlfriend could store the 10 kilos of tomato sauce she's been preparing with sweet, fresh tomatoes we bought at the supermarket. While out, I noticed the dark clouds hanging over our neighborhood, and the heavy wind. Despite a few grades more in the last days, it felt fresh. The air has definitely changed. Some cooler temps are finally close. This makes me happy.
I've finished yesterday a four days on training week: two sessions of iron, two sessions of fingerboarding and climbing, with good vibes especially (sadly) surrounded by weights. It seems my muscles are very very reactive to lifting, so that I can make some quick progress, and this is clearly motivating. After the last excercise of the session a few days ago, a friend climber told me: "Hey, you are well pumped! Are you engaged?" I don't know what was on his mind, maybe I will have to play the gigolo.
The climbing walls are still very hot, it seems climbers don't pay enough rent to the gym owners to have the fans on. I've started fingerboarding again. It's never enough.
Yesterday I finally resolved to set some new problems, and after a few tries I had something. I had something hard, for me at least, that kicked my ass. Badly. It also kicked my left heel, as I slipped from the first hard move and fell directly on the wooden beams that keep the matting to the floor. Ouch! Now I have a black and purple stain coming out and it hurts. Maybe I won't climb tomorrow.
The most interesting thing is that after a few tries, something clicked in my mind: while locking off a right hand crimp, flagging the left leg deep under the roof, I realized I had set a problem that resembles alot "The Great Shark Hunt" in Chironico, which is one of my targets for next season. Our minds ofter work on their own, without our conciences knowing, and in these cases they do their best.

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Ghostface said...

The direct roof line will be yours. I had a vision just the other day. I'm always right when I have these visions (unaided by any substances).