Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Girls, you are the greatest blessing a righteous boulderer could find at the crag.
The increase in power one experiments if bouldering surrounded by bouldering girls is something worth ligthing up a Las Vegas casino for a night.
But I'm going off track.
The Pro Tip is: get serious about your bouldering and get strong, because nothing is sexier than a nice girl getting angry and beasting a boulder problem into submission. Can you see some resemblance? Dress sexy at the crag, please, because you'll get the power burst also, when dozens of male eyes are watching you locking off a crimp. There's no need for Gucci shoes and Louis Vuitton bags, and there's no need for me to tell you how to be sexy: you have an art there. Just use it, it will make your bouldering day nicer, and mine as well.
On a side note, since the summer is almost over and maybe a few of you got some nice tanning, please, please (and I know I speak for millions of men) don't go to tanning centers to cover the part of your breast that's still white. And please, don't tan topless. A half tanned, half white breast, clearly showing the sign, the size, the shape of the top, is one of the sexiest things in this world. It is, because it involves imagination, it's like having in front of you a naked but dressed girl. So please, make all your boyfriends happy, and keep that white on!

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