Wednesday, 20 August 2008


The gym reopened. Since I just got back from a dinner with the students of the class and I'm quite drunk, this will be brief.
I felt really really strong at the gym today despite feeling like a bag of shit in the past weeks. I added ten kilos to my seated rows and bench presses. I decided to skip the lat machine to simply do one armers on some jugs. I did five series of three with a progressively increasing help with the other hand. Felt good.
I am puzzled about my finger strength now. I want to check it out and have to. Fingers, fingers, fingers.
I also weighted myself at the gym: that scale set me at 70 kilos, while two days ago at home my scale said 65. Mistery. I think I am the same weight of last week, months, and years, but really I don't know. I don't think I put up much, no, I have not, because the scale at home says the same of last winter, so right now the only thing that matters is to get back some serious finger strength that I think I lack.
The weekend has seen the first repeat of "Il Primo dei Moicani", my infamous roof, by a local strongman, who confirmed Font 8a, and tasted Font 8b for the direct line under the roof. I'm still very far from it, but the winter is long, my ego is big and the gym is close.
Rejoice all of you.

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