Friday, 8 August 2008


As the saying goes "Beware of what you want, because you will surely get it!". It's also in a movie whose title I can't recall now.
Anyway, my plans of crushing hard problems in Switz for a few days will have to wait. It seems like I didn't manage to do bad enough at my teaching exam, and next monday I will have to start working, to cover a colleague's holidays. Just one week, the week I had planned to spend vapourizing boulders, but I can't let this chance pass. I really like teaching, so I'd better get on the bus as soon as I can. I'll have the grammar course in the first level class where I taught grammar for my exam, and conversation in the fifth level class (the second highest level). Of course I have to customize very well especially the conversation, because I will deal with students who speak an almost perfect italian. I think I will print a few newspapers' articles, and will try to focus their attention to something new, but I still don't know them, so I will have to decide after monday's lesson.
I am eating tons of fish. Tomorrow I will go again to Amiata top. The Boar Traverse must fall. I must not. Looking forward to clean a few lines and then hopefully do one move on my project. I wish you all could see it to have your impressions. I'll take pics tomorrow. Life is good. It could be better only having nice girls at the boulders. Not to climb with, just there watching and falling in love with me. Who could blame them for that?

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