Thursday, 17 January 2008


I was chatting with Tom, right now.
He's going to have a campus session at home, while some friends are going to train at The Dispensary.
Dobbin and Keith are at The School, in the cold.
Probably someone is at The Den, someone else at The Works, or The Foundry, or in obscure cellars.
I am going to test myself at the comp.

Everywhere around, sessions are going down.
I feel you guys, let's stay strong.


Ghostface said...

Coming to the end of the session I feel good. Haven't failed on a single set and still have rasises and CoC to go. 2008 7c? I know so!

Make Italy weep tonight Lore.

lore said...

this time i know i won't compete again.
i was very weak, and, most of all, the gym was absolutely packed with people. there must have been 100 climbers and spectators. it was hot, boiling. the air was filled with chalk, there's no air filters, no ventilation. there was alot of noise.
i started coughing after five minutes and never stopped. i got nervous and very irritated, both in my lungs and mind.
i climbed what i could and didn't try hard.
all in all it was quite depressing.
i should have stayed home, because now i'm afraid about making my cold worse, and tomorrow i go back to work and perhaps the weekend will be climbable.

lore said...

ps 2008 7c, tom?
no. FEBRUARY 2008 7c, tom.

Roberto Bagnoli said...

just came back from the comp.
right words lore.. but it's good meet many friends coming from all tuscany too..
anyway,second place but not satisfied 'cause I didn' feel good and I have had bad foot sensations that is really strange for me you confirm.. (too much attempts wasted on some boulder that in good conditions I will never failed and surely flashed).
lore, mmm I hope you don't feel so bad.. because if you fell bad i feel bad too... you know.. maybe better didn't do the comp considering your health condition?
congratulation to "little Luca", he has my age/2 (sixteen).. he will be unattainable very soon!

Jasper said...

Comps are shit. Never really enjoyed them even when I won. It's not climbing to me.

I like the idea that even when we're training on our own (which I also do a lot of) we're together, pushing for the same goal.

Good, inspiring stuff as ever Lore.

lore said...

thanks jasper,

Richie Crouch said...

Training for outside goals is always more inspiring for me than entering an indoor comp.

If we work hard now on the bad days, then good cool temps will soon follow, and personal goals will be achievable!

I must say thankyou for the assisted deadhang idea for small edges Lore, I set it up at Tom's and began in earnest on Friday.

Keep that chin up, as I am sure good weather will come soon and we can all get outside again to crush!

Ghostface said...

For sure. I'm 1 mmm from closing my 1.5 CoC in the session now. 2 More sets of maximal attempts to go. I need to break this fucking thing and get a #2.

Lore, you should invest. So so good for pinch gains!