Saturday, 26 January 2008


Tomorrow I'm going sport climbing for a couple of days with the Guru.
This past week has been quite strange: I was very psyched from the roof, or should I say from "Il primo dei Mohicani", but I was also spent. Beside the phisical energies, the mental effort of these last weeks (months?) is very challenging. Keeping focused, training, with no climbing trip in sight, with a horrible weather here, has been very hard. Clearly I got a reward, a very very precious reward. So I stuck to the program and trained for the last week of this load cycle, but yesterday couldn't. Just couldn't. So I rested, and waited for today's lunch break session, and I was right, because today I climbed well and with (some) power.
Anyway, tomorrow I'm on a holiday. Going two days sport climbing with the Guru means no problems to get the chains, it will be his task, mine will be giving slack and paying attention. I will try to top rope something, maybe one of the routes my friend Luca suggested me. It could be "Bird", otherwise I'll just rest my body and mind.
Weather is gorgeous, Sasso will be in top conditions, but c'mon, it's just fun. I bought a new harness, chalkbag, and pants.
For all of you Brits in Swiss, be stong, climb well and have fun, I'm with you all, full throttle.


Roberto Bagnoli said...

yes, I just kidnapped Lore for a cuple of day in one of the historical crags of central Italy (ferentillo).. this is a test for both. but I'm really very very happy of this journey and that Lore has come with me. good lore!

hOUDINI* said...

Il primo dei mohicani?

Glad to be of service. Even I am occassionally useful.