Monday, 28 January 2008


This has been a hard week end for me. I must thank my humble soul - yes, you're reading right, I said humble - that suggested me to take it easy and top rope even the first route, because from that first route yesterday until the last one today, I was just terrified by sport climbing. After five or six years of bouldering, I thought many times that perhaps it's time to hang the harness, and just say it's over.
I was afraid of the rope getting cut by the rock, of dangling in the air while lowering, of everything.
I don't know if I'll be able to do classic routes in the Dolomites this summer. I will try for sure, but I'll choose a clever partner (Andrea) and will tell him "listen, if I get scared we go down with no discussion, right away".
Anyway, I didn't free climb one single pitch. The only good feelings I got were on "Bird", and that's the only route I could try to toprope again.
The Guru, obviously, crushed.

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Roberto Bagnoli said...

we are waiting for the photo...