Monday, 7 January 2008


Mondays are nice days. I slept untill 11 this morning, then had breakfast without having to check the clock every minute, then did stuff. Basically I'm killing time before going to the gym.
I feel rested and good. I'm waiting for an e-mail from the Guru with the new homeworks. Back on the road.
Yesterday night, with girlfriend and friend Andrea, we were talking about work and serious things. He wants to quit his teacher job, we always talk about starting something together (you are in the plan as well, Eric!!!). On the matter, my girlfriend said that she finally understood that I'm not made to work, that I have to move closer to the mountains and climb, because that's what I love to do, and when I can't I'm sad the whole time. She said that if I want to move to Sheffield to work there and climb hard, she understands me, and we will work it out someway.
I like mondays.

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