Thursday, 31 January 2008


So, I am quite sad lately, mostly because I can't stand the job any more. The shop is more and more empty, it's always difficult to find the stuff customers want, and, basically, I'd like to smash every face that asks me "excuse me is there any discount on the backpacks?" under a massive sign reading "50% off on everything".
Stupid, depressed idiots that prefer to stay an entire evening in a shop, buying every kind of thing to be used in the mountains, except climbing shoes. Fucking hell, get a life, start climbing.
I have been very tired in the last days, and wasn't feeling good at all before going to the gym, but when I got in, the magic energy of a climbing group invaded me, and I had a very very good session: warm up on things I couldn't do a few weeks ago, then tests on the fingerboard, the proper climbing. I was on.
So now I'm happy, not as happy as Dobbin up there, but happy nontheless.
Shower, bed.
Terrible weather coming, no OOS. Will I ever do it?

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