Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Everything I say about the regionals, winning and stuff, is meant to be sarcastic, ok?


pascal said...

NO! It's not ok. I expect you to win and unless you do I don't think I want to go climbing with you EVER again!

lore said...

i know it may sound crazy, but here there are stronger climbers than me.
on plastic, i mean ;-)

november is close.
and ticino is close too.

pascal said...

Are you coming to Switzerland on the 10th to the 25th? Wonderful! I better get in shape. I've barely been climbing from the stress of exams. After Thursday I can climb again! WOO HOO!

lore said...

yes, i definitely want to come north. not for the two entire weeks, but hopefully for a nice few days.

keep up the good work for university!!!