Thursday, 11 October 2007


What? After just a couple of days, the blog already lacks content?
Obviously, I've been busy pulling granite in Ticino. The drive back home killed me, and I'm glad I didn't climb today. After four days on, this morning I just brushed holds, moved pads and yelled encouragement as my girlfriend tried, and then finally succeded, in her first Fb 6a.
While she was busy topping out, I realized my heart was exploding, and my stomach was tight and painful. She had already been there on her first try and fell, to then have a few very bad goes. So now she was there again, and I was trying to think that she couldn't fall, but was very dubious.
As I joined her on top of the boulder, she was gifted my loving comment: "You climbed like shit."
Although I may have been rude, I know I'm right. Not because she really climbed badly, but because she didn't climb as she could have, smoothly and dynamically. So I knew that, had she fallen, it should have been because of that. More, I had to treat her as a climber, because that's what she is.
Ahhh, love.


pascal said...

Nice one valentina! I think your reaction was very funny lore... and strangely similar to mine. Sara did her first 6A in font this weekend. Strange series of coincidences actually... hmmmmm

Hope you crushed some blocs in Ticino!

lore said...

Yo yo yo!!!
Coincidences are our life.
I'll blog on that.

As far as the bouldering, it wasn't a complete failure after all!!!