Thursday, 11 October 2007


Pascal's comment about coincidences made me really think.
If I know him, and I think I do, I seriously doubt he chose his nickname casually.
So, Pascal + Coincidences = High School philosophy classes.
If I remember correctly, Pascal is well reknown for his theory of Coincidences in history. He used one example called "Cleopatra's nose": it says that if Cleopatra had an ugly nose, probably Antonio wouldn't have fallen in love with her, this leading to a completely different developement of ancient, and therefore modern, history. It's a way to state that history could be based on smaller events and also on coincidences. A sort of "Butterfly Effect", only in history.
So what?
Nothing special, but could really be that someone called Pascal talks about coincidences by coincidence?
Pascal would say it's possible, I would say not, even if I agree with Pascal.

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josie parsons said...

Here is my current list of coincidence:
A. was planning on moving and buying a house with someone.
B. no longer had plan A.
c. moved in to the back of my car and was a homeless waitress for 5 months
d. moved into a camper for 3 months while student teaching (which is like having a job, except i'm paying for tuition in college)
e. just found a house i get to live in for free with running water and heat at the base of a great ski resort and will graduate college in 2 months
Coincidences are my best friend right now!
great to hear from you. let me know if you hear of any jobs available for stupid americans!
also, i may be off to thailand for climbing in feb. if you are interested, i will have a very strong climbing partner (if he gets his act together) that you would love to climb with. he climbs 5.13+
i climb...well, you know...with valor but not much success.