Wednesday, 24 October 2007


I finally found a job.
It's not that I won the lottery or something, right now I only have a three months contract, but...I have a contract, and it says I'll get money for working, and that's something very very newsworthy in the last four years.
I will have to move to another town to avoid two hours commuting time each way, but I'm psyched, and girlfriend too.
I will have a nice two hours and half lunch break, perfect to fit in a fingerboard session, to raise the mojo before the evening session at the wall.
This is something new, and I'm psyched.
Guess what? I'll sell climbing stuff...


pascal said...

Congratulations! I hope you're moving to a town that is close to some rocks. I hope that in 3 months time you aren't sick of punters asking you for punter things... ;)

lore said...

i'm just moving to florence: real rock is more distant, but there are three bouldering walls in town!

i'll become the man of sundays and mondays bouldering mini-trips!!!

customer: i would like to purchase a pair of red climbing shoes.
me: get the hell outta here punter.

pascal said...

purchase red shoes? That is nothing. Once someone came into the shop and said he regularly goes sailing and wants a way to be able to climb up the ropes on the mast. I asked him what he wanted, ascenders, descenders, etc and he said "I don't know, whatever I need". I had to tell him that I couldn't give him any advice because I couldn't risk being liable. I showed him our full range of ascenders, descenders, harnesses, and told him he was free to purchase any of them (without my advice!). He soon left.