Thursday, 4 October 2007


Because someone talked me into it.
Because I clicked one time too much when I was just trying to create a blog.
Because I don't work at the moment, have too much spare time and can't climb or train the whole day.
Because this blog, in some unknown way, will make me rich and famous.
Climbing of course. Is there something else?
Why in english?
Because some of my best climbing partners are from England, and even if I've met them just one time, or even never (still), I like to share my thoughts with them. If this thing we call internet could do just this little thing: keeping friends together or helping people become friends, it wouldn't be bad.
Welcome, brace yourself.

1 comment:

Ghostface said...

Lore,awesome to see you've set this up! Long overdue I reckon.

Keep me posted on Tic developments hombre. Enjoy and pull hard!