Thursday, 17 April 2008


I've had a couple of good sessions at the gym, mainly based on a nice routine on the symmetric wall. It's nothing special, I mentioned it to The Guru months ago, after reading about symmetric walls on UKB, and he proceeded to prepare a mini version of it, it's more similar to a systemboard, with two parallel rows of identical holds and footholds.
I had used it before, but in a campusboard like way, doing long dynoes between the holds, while now I'm using it static, doing lockoffs as deep as I can, staying frontal, as Malc says in his pro tips, and - wohoooo - without cutting loose.
It's a good, good sensation to stay there, and prees your feet down and feeling them staying put.
I do 3 lockoffs, changing the starting arm, for 10 times in a row, for 3 sets. It's alot, and tonight I had to try just a few easy problems on the wall because I was thrashed, and then I did a hard 30 moves circuits in three parts.
Anyway, there are lots of girls now in the gym, and that's very good.
I hope the work stuff goes for the best.

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