Sunday, 13 April 2008


Election day here, I went and put a cross, enabling once again some politician to fuck us.
Rest day as well. I skipped friday session, and did absoutely nothing yesterday, apart abs and stretching. So two days in a row without training, it was ages, I can't remember the last time, and that's why I'd like to do something today, maybe just a quick power recruitment session, a few deadhangs and some campusing. We will see, I don't want to rush things now that I'm starting feeling better and recovering.
It's hard to resist the desire to go climbing, especially given that the very bad forecast for these days wasn't true, and we had also a little bit of sunshine today. I often read climbing magazines while taking a poo, but lately my porn is bouldering guidebooks, and while they give me alot of motivation, they also make want to take the van and leave. Resist.
Why do I have to resist?
Because I can't afford to go away now, not in terms of money, but for all the stuff that I've got to do. I'm taking classes to become an italian teacher for foreign students, and I also have to do two job interviews, one tomorrow, in the South, one friday in the North. One is a very small town, close to the sea and to hot water springs, a very quiet place, from what I can tell now. The other one is a bigger town, much closer to the mountains and to world class bouldering. It seems to me I'm on the road again, and I have to say I'm quite excited, even if I'm pissed because I was enjoying very much my teaching classes.
So I have to keep my calm and spend time on the net.

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