Saturday, 19 April 2008


Today, don't know why, signing one comment on the mighty Dobbin's blog - question: are they on honeymoon? - in an uncommon way, it dawned to me that maybe my nickname could have or resemble some meaning in English.
I put that signature in an internet translator and... shazam!!! it does have many meanings, dealing with sharp things and biting. Cool.
In which way this could be connected with my real persona, I still don't know. If names correspond to things, maybe I am fine with that.
Since we are talking about names, I like to explain what I think is the meaning of the famous phrase that Umberto Eco put at the beginning of his masterpiece "The name of the Rose": right now I can't remember the author - too lazy to Google it - but it says "stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus".
During the years I've wondered alot about the real, profund, not literal meaning of it. Literally it's very easy but has no clue. We have to put it in the context of the story. It's Adso, old and infirm, writing about his youth years, and his only love experience, that he chose not to continue to stay with his master Guglielmo. That's The Rose, whose name he will never know. So it all deals with love, one Rose and time.
In brief, I think it means: the Rose stays pure only in its name, and all what we're left are bare names. So, time changes everything, and we can only rely on our own mind to keep past things pure from decay, a decay that's sure in the material world, but not in "names' world", the world of the mind, where everything can stay forever pure, but pure and untouchable in reality.

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