Wednesday, 16 April 2008


That's what Churchill said in his famous war speech. I always listen to bits of it that I have on my Mp3 player, in the mighty combo with Aces High by Iron Maiden. It gives me power, it starts with the roar of the british Spitfire airplanes ready to take off to save one country by invasion. It's quite a dramatic moment of history, and when I am in London, every fucking time I've been in London, I always go to Westmister Abbey and stand for a while in the chapel behind the altar, that is dedicated to the Battle of England. Every hour, in case you don't know, they stop the organ music and there is one minute of silence. I always try to be there in that moment, and I ask myself "what would I do, should it happen again?" Would I escape? Would I object? Would I go? "Eddie would go" comes to my mind, but would I? I don't know, I hope I'll never know. They went, they died, they tried, they succeeded.

What this for?

In our life we should never surrender, from the things that could change the world's history, to the least significant things. You never know.

So go on, give it another go, do one move more, hang another second, give another kiss, love again, never surrender.


josie parsons said...

going climbing at smith rocks this week...looks like it will be cold. you would love it! hope you are well.

Ghostface said...

I remember our train journey when you first described that song to me. I couldn't think at all at first what you meant when you described Churchill's speech, but later on understood!