Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Yesterday night two guys showed up at the gym, asking for the owners. At first glance I thought they were two weightlifting beefcakes wanting a go at climbing, but one of them pulled out his Mac and started drawing. I thought they were there to do some graphics or for the website, but again I was wrong, because later Gianni, one of the owners, asked me I had finished training for the night, and as I said yes, he told me that the two guys are two students at the school for professional massage therapists, sport massaging etc., and they were there to practice. So, if I liked, being one of the few that trains very often and very regularly, I could give them my training schedule and they would practice various massaging techniques on me and on other climbers, to see the benefits of every different technique after the training session. Bingo.
While I was being massaged I obviously started talking with the guy, and he explained alot of things, talking about this school that is specifically aimed to people with chronic eyesight deficit. He told me that both he and his friend are affected by a chronic disease that will lead to being blind. "We want to practice now - he said - we want to invest in the future."
I was speachless.
I got home very happy, because I had found out that in this fucking world there are at least two people to admire, respect and to lift your hat off for.
Thank you, Enrico and Iuri.

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