Thursday, 24 April 2008


This shit about the new job is really pissing me off.
As if things weren't already complicated, now a new option came out just to make me more confused.
I had decided to go north, for the reason of it being the best option for work, place, and bouldering.
Now I have another option that is better for work, place, money. Much worse for bouldering. Much worse meaning that it's closer to Sasso and home areas, instead of being two hours from Ticino.
Another problem is that I can't really find out how it will be north. I will have to give an answer south after just a couple of days of my trial period up north: I don't think it will be a period long enough to figure out how a potential long stay could be. So it will be a big bet. I have to say that the interview north gave me really bad vibes about the boss. He asked far too much personal questions, talked far too much about politics and immigrants.
So, probably I will go south. Living close to the sea could also be nice. I will need to build a climbing wall and to renew all my fingerboard routines. Oh well at least I can build some serious power, and if I'm going to lose my technique, I'll lose it for good this time and screw it! When I'll be able to do one armers on pencil lines drawn on the fingerboard, even the Karma sloper will feel as a jug. Yes, for sure. Power is the mother of all success. Brutality is the father of all success.
Moreover, going south will work as the ultimate proof: if I will miss being closer to the mountains so much that it will make my stay there unbearable, I will be finally at the crucial turning point of my life, and I will have to decide, once and forever, whether I really want or not to build my life around bouldering. That will be a tough moment, if ever it will come.


Fiend said...

"When I'll be able to do one armers on pencil lines drawn on the fingerboard, even the Karma sloper will feel as a jug."

You're an endless source of inspiring quotes.

Living by the sea is a good idea. But then living by the boulders is a good idea. Apples and oranges...

pascal said...

what a critical time. To discover that climbing is truly the food of your soul is probably both scary and delightful. I think that working in a job that doesn't give you good vibes is a bad idea too. Having your own wall will be great... great for goal setting and seeing short/long term improvements.

Ghostface said...

one armers on pencil lines is where it's at for you.

You'll work well around whatever you choose Lore.