Thursday, 11 September 2008


I need to contact some Iranian or Pakistan terrorist, or maybe some ex-director of a Russian nuclear plant, to get me some radioactive stuff.
Then I will deposit the thing over the Etna volcano, in Sicily, that is still active. Then I will blow the damn thing up, after hiding in a deep hole in the ground or behing a blackened glass, protected also by the energy of my rage. The explosion will propel millions of tons of debris up in the sky, and the sun will be obscured. The temperature will suddenly drop, the winds will blow, the ice age will be close again.
At that moment, I will put my beanie on, will pack the car and will go bouldering, finally with good conditions.


pascal said...
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pascal said...

Well, I am Iranian, and can probably rustle up some brownies or flapjack that might make you feel nuclear... is that any good?

Mikael said...

Hey lore!

cresc and chironico again..8-17th of october..will i see you again???

Mikael, Sweden

lore said...

get the nuclear power down here my friend.

my friend!!! long time no see uh? your damn blog is in swedish!!!;-)
that's not so strange, given that you're swedish!!!
listen, cresciano and chironico are on the agenda. i hope to have some spare time!!!
ps i trained like a madman in the last year. i ask you, please don't burn me off if we meet climbing, i couldn't bear it, ok?

Mikael said...


I will bring two tickets for the sending for u, and one for me!!!

Sort out your sparetime til october!!