Saturday, 13 September 2008


Ahhh, water.
Water coming down from the sky, water in the air, water running down the small river behind my house. Finally, even spoiling a climbing weekend (the third in a row in the dolomites), the rain is very welcome. The air feels fresh, and despite the humidity close to 100%, this makes me happier. Finally some major change in the weather, a few days of rain and then cool winds from NE next week.
I still haven't any work planned for next week, so maybe some boulder problem could go down.
Water is also something I desperately need to get into my body: yesterday night I went out for an aperitivo and dinner with friends, and despite not drinking much, I clearly drank a bit too much, given that I don't feel very sparky today. I definitely have to take note of the fact that if I want to be fine the next day, I have to drink no more than one aperitivo and little wine for dinner. As far as beer goes, one pint is all what my body allows, not more. Deadly headhaches coming, otherwise.
Anyway, that's all good.
Weights tomorrow, bouldering today.
Thursday night at the gym I had one of the highs of the season: master puller, power monster, sport 8a onsighter and super modest guy Damiano told me that the new problems I had set under the 60° wall were hard, and one very hard. I kept my usual calm, and showed him the new ones, then proceeded to take the car, go a few miles into the countryside out of town, and screm my lungs out with joy.
One last note: Andy, if you ever read this, thank you, really.

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