Thursday, 4 September 2008


This fucking summer never ends. 32° yesterday evening at 7 pm. 40° forecasted for the weekend. How am I supposed to destroy hard boulders in this climate?
Anyway. Good friend Luca came back from NZ and Castle Hill, confirming the ideas of the place I got from a few videos. He won't go back there, he's had enough of desperate mantles and topouts. Aside of bouldering, the country must be absolutely amazing. A must see me thinks.
I am absolutely tired today. Maybe even a bit depressed, dunno why. No training this evening, despite wanting to go. Be patient, it will pay out.
I'm very happy I kept going to the gym in the last weeks. Yesterday, after months, the two guys that run it came back from their holidays. While they were sweeping the floor (Herculean task) I heard bits of conversation about stripping the walls to clean the holds and bullshit like that. What the fuck? What the fucking fuck? You spend three months away and you close the gym when everyone's back and starts to train again? What the fuck I say.
Anyway they can do what they like, I'm fully loaded now with weeks of iron and pulling plastic. It could be time for climbing.
I still hope they don't strip the walls, also because in the last weeks I set a few nice problems, quite challenging even if not very hard, but they require precise climbing, good body positioning, and yes, the usual brutal move.
Setting new problems is the way forward. I do like this: I choose two averagely bad starting holds, one bad foot. Then I try to link all the most distant holds, or those who face the wrong direction.
Pull on, have fun.
Last, but not least, I'm doing private italian lessons and it's damn good, even if very very tiring. I'd better go and prepare tomorrow's lesson now.
A couple of moves:


Jasper said...

At least it's not fucking raining Lore!

pascal said...

I wish it was raining Lore! That would be better than the already wonderful "it's raining men".

I think I'd learn Italian. I'll have to come up with a cunning payment method, like spotting you on rad projects.

lore said...

c'mon come south. i'll teach you italian, you'll teach me the crushing.
and that's done.
ps. you'll sleep on the couch in a 40 square meters apartment.
tom and rich also were here, i'm thinking about dubbing it "the apartment of power and domination".

Ghostface said...

It's a fucking strong room that's for sure.

I had installment one of the date. It was doing routes at the wall. She crushed things in fine style at a good level and is psyched to improve. She is also sublimely beautiful, tall and just wow.

A summer of training and the plan is going well.

You sound and look strong beast.

Fucking excellent.