Saturday, 22 March 2008


I like campusing. It's a very useful tool, and it can be alot funnier than many other excercises, because the combination of moves is almost endless: going up, pliometrics, jumps, whatever works.

Anyway, I always complain aobut the campusboard we have at the gym, and with good reason I think: they've mounted it very slightly overhanging, almost vertical, and it sits on a thick wooden beam, so that under the first rung you still have a good 15 cm of wood. This, with being not enough overhanging (the good old usual 15°), makes you hit the board when you go for long distances, or hit the lower beam with your hips, or drag your hips on the lower rungs. It sucks.

Moreover, they fucking painted the rungs, with a water based paint, the same paint they used for the walls, where (could this be enlightening for them?) the coloured tape for the problem doesn't stick, because the paint is very slippery and keeps seeping water.

Needless to say, the rungs are very slippery as well. Add to this all the fact that they are just square rungs, simply screwed to the board, so that the contact surface is not incut, not even slightly, but perpendicular to the board, and therefore downfacing.

Downfacing flat hold + slippery paint = impossible to really train.

So, even if this sounds untrue, I have campussed very seldom lately, and that's why yesterday, I wanted to test myself on my good, solid, home board. It is overhanging, it has plenty of space for your legs, wooden, rounded, a bit incut, grippy rungs. Its only drawback is that when I built it I didn't know that in The School Room rungs are 22,5 cm apart. I know that every other campusboard in the world, non UK based, has 20 cm spaced rungs, but if in The School Room it's 22,5 I want 22,5.

All this boring preface, is just to say that I'm still able to campus 148 left hand, 158+ right hand, and 147 (left hand) and 158 (right hand) with 5 kilos on.

Obviously, I campussed very technically also.

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