Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Rain on climbing trips is bad, because it keeps you from climbing and gives you too much time for thinking. In my case, thinking about my climbing, especially about how poor it's being: apparently, in the last months, I learnt how to put all my bodyweight, and then more, on one hand's fingers, but I forgot how to put grams on my shoes. It's quite depressing to be honest, but definitely something to work on. Something more to work on. Dammit, it never ends, the learning I mean.
Anyway, yesterday we had a quick go at Cuvier Rempart, and could barely put our shoes on before being washed away. It seems that my cocky finish on the last post brought bad karma. So we had a fingerboarding session, with a few warm up problems on the board. Keith's warm ups turned out to be my next year's projects, so I tried some satisfaction on the fingerboard: I think I'm ok in terms of power, but if I don't start climbing properly, we have a problem.
Today we climbed again at Rempart, for an entire amount of ten minutes, before a very fine rain started to soak the holds and ourselves. Tried an interesting bear hug 7b problem and again NEARLY did it, could have done it and Goddammit should have done it. Many tries in a short time in the rain led to a bad bad wrist that will obvioulsly hinder my climbing tomorrow, with good conditions.
I don't want to be a whiny bastard, but I need to get something done.

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