Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Today I found out I have one day less than I remembered. Some bad phone calls from home made me almost go and get the first train home, to put an end to this, but resisted to the assaults and tightened my helmet. During all this thinking, I realized my train back home is on friday night, not saturday. D'ho.
Anyway today I climbed at Cul de Chien, taking a few pics on Le Biboquet boulder, maybe the most famous boulder in the forest. I want loads of pics from this trip. I don't have the courage to try Le toit, it's far too high for me. Maybe one day.
Then we went to Roche au Sabots, where I managed to do one problem I first tried in 2001...
A few burly moves into a delicate mantle for a nice, quite hard tick. I'm glad I was climbing better with each try, and to be honest when I did it I crushed it.
Then it was the time of Salle Gosse, I problem I always had dreamt about trying. I didn't do it, but moved well on it until the jump move to the top. One go too many, and again I ripped the finger I ripped on Blockbuster, so I left and crawled under a half meter tall 7b+ roof, the lowest lowball of the world, just to fall in the heinous topout on rounded nothings.
Huge, excellent dinner at Maisonbleu.
What else? Nothing, apart two more days.

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