Wednesday, 19 March 2008


This title may sound strange to many. But it's something I want to tell, and I hope the man won't be disappointed.
Keith is an excellent climber. I don't mean in terms of power and climbing achievements, I mean also in technical terms. I have to say it's been quite inspiring to climb with him in Font, besides all the pressure it put on me: it's hard to climb with someone who will warm up on your projects, and without much hassle, also. I was feeling guilty at times, to keep him hours under problems I was trying after he had quickly dispatched, but I was sure he would have told me if it had been a problem.
Anyway, I was saying he is a very technical climber. I know I've climbing very very poorly lately, mainly due to an enormous gain in power in the winter that left me completely unbalanced, but seeing Keith smoothly finding good foot placement and positions was at the same time humbling and psyching. He could go along easily with just raw power, no doubt about that, but clearly he is not satisfied by that: he wants to be a good climber, and is attaining his goal. I know how he works for that, and yesterday at the gym I started trying to emulate him.
I really want to say this all because it's easy to misjudge him because his display of power. The man works hard, and deserves to be considered for what the really is: a strong, excellent climber.

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